If you head over to Facebook and request to join, you’ll notice that the community is closed, which means only members can see the content. Every membership request is manually screened for approval. We keep spammers out, ensure no fake accounts get in, and keep unwanted solicitation from being a part of Award Travel 101™.

Our community is a friendly environment for people to share and learn about points and miles; there’s no room for spam, self-promotion, or grouches. Make sure you’ve got a profile picture (so we know you’re real), and if you’re new to Facebook, we’ll ask you to hold off a few months before joining the group so you can get your feet wet. There’s no cost to participate, and there never will be.
In addition to questions submitted by our members, Award Travel 101™ has a weekly calendar of featured posts focused on different aspects of award travel.

Our schedule looks like this:


Monday - #DecisionMonday

Wondering which credit card should you get next or have specific questions about your card benefits? Credit cards are a massive part of points and miles accumulation; post your specific question here, and we’ll make sure they all get answered.


Tuesday - #AT101Live - Live Video with Richard at 9 PM US/Eastern

Richard Kerr (our community founder) picks a topic and runs with it; from the best redemption strategies for Hawaii to saving money on rental car insurance. Get answers to your questions live and in real time! Each session is recorded so you can always access the video. If you’ve got something you’d like covered, share it in the comments!


Wednesday -#WheretogoWednesday

Wondering where to go next? What to do when you get there? Best restaurants, tour companies, or places to visit while you’re there? Ask all your questions that aren’t related to points and miles here! With almost 40,000 members, you can be sure someone will have a recommendation for you.


Thursday - #BourbonQA at 9 PM US/Eastern

One hour of continuous rapid-fire Q&A on anything and everything. Bring your questions, and our moderators and group members answer in real time. It’s a fireside chat on steroids, and the moderator team typically has an adult beverage to help make it through the madness.


Friday - #BragoftheWeek

If you haven’t already, this is your time to brag about a deal you got and how you did it! We highlight a member, and you post your wins in the comments! Sharing real examples is the best source of inspiration for everyone in the group.